Anatomical Specimens & Tissue for Research

Anatomical Specimens and Tissue Provided for Approved Applications

LifeLegacy Foundation provides human tissue for biomedical, pharmaceutical, researcher and/or educational applications.  An application for use is considered for all approved purposes and the client company follows all FDA guidelines on the use of these tissues.

Tissue/Specimen Use Application

Low PMI (post mortem interval) tissue is very fresh (can be as low as 3-4 hours from death to recovery), usually snap frozen in liquid nitrogen and stored in -80C freezer to maintain viability for pharmaceutical testing.

Normal or diseased – samples can be “normal” or “diseased” as we screen donors for diseases.

Plastinated specimens – provided for educational purposes as well as other and complete bone type specimens.

Anatomical specimens – have a post mortem interval (PMI), of 8 hours. They are not flushed and, thus, possess low or negligible viability. These tissues are recovered below optional viability limits. These tissues can be shipped fresh, frozen or snap frozen. They cannot be used for cell culture, but are excellent for anatomical research, DNA extraction, tissue slices, surgical techniques and a variety of other research projects. These tissues include all internal organs, internal tissues and anatomical tissues.

Specialty specimens – have a post mortem interval (PMI), of less that 8 hours. These tissues can be perfused or rinsed on request and can be shipped in preservation solution on gel packs. They can be used for a wide range of processes, from biomechanical research to protein harvesting.

Embalming – Thiel embalming method or any other specialized, medical or soft embalming

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